About us


At GrundGolf, we believe the quality of a golf shot is directly related to the quality of your relationship to the target. Whether it is aim, alignment, swing path or your mental approach to the game, we want to provide you with the proper tools and instruction to improve and enjoy golf to the fullest. Let’s get started!



Our Story

PGA Profesional John Grund has tinkered and designed many putting alignment devices and swing aids over the years. Awhile back, he fabricated a handy credit card size mirror and started using it on the practice green. Using this handmade product, he could see his eyes over the ball, and the center line on the mirror helped with putter face alignment, aim and swing path. John developed a number of drills and helpful ways to use the product, creating a valuable tool for putting and full swing practice as well. John showed the mirror to Mitch and the two of them decided to go to market. So here we are today with the one and only Pocket Putting Mirror™.

The Founders

John Grund and Mitch Leiber competed on the UCLA golf team. After college, John played professionally on many tours on three different continents. All the while, John taught golf, earning his Class A status and coached golf at UCLA among other schools. Remarkably, John founded and operated Grund Guide (the Company that pioneered sprinkler head yardage marking) for many years at the same time.

Mitch played amateur golf in Northern California after college and earned his CPA. A few years later, he joined another teammate from the UCLA golf team in the golf accessory business and ultimately rose to COO/CFO of CMC Golf, Inc.

Both John and Mitch bring many years of golf experience (playing, teaching, product development) to this endeavor and are focused on developing impactful and practical game improvement products.