“Simple and effective.” 

John Cook – 11 Time PGA TOUR Winner

“One of the best new inventions I’ve seen… Whether you play golf for a living or are just a weekend warrior, I think you should try the Pocket Putting Mirror.”

Jamie Mulligan – PGA, CEO of Virginia C.C.,
SCPGA Hall of Fame, Golf Digest – Top 100 Teachers

“Nice and handy- no excuse for not having it with you at all times.”

Jeff Hart – PGA TOUR, Web.com and PGA TOUR Champions

“I wish I'd had this tool years ago. It would've saved me tons of strokes, money, and time.”

Bill McKinney – PGA, 2015 SCPGA Horton Smith Award Winner


Greg Bruckner - PGA TOUR Champions

“The Pocket Putting Mirror is a simple and portable device that helps build a consistent set up and stroke. Anyone looking to hole more putts should have one in their bag.”

Jeff Brehaut - PGA TOUR, Web.com and PGA TOUR Champions

“I like the Pocket Putting Mirror a lot... in particular, I like the portability and how clear the images are on the mirror.”

Scott Mahlberg - PGA

“After using the Pocket Putting Mirror, I can immediately see what I need to correct while practicing and my stroke is more consistent....the mirror will definitely be in my bag on TOUR.”


"Seeing the line you start the ball on is probably the most important aspect of great putting. This tool can really help"

Jim Petralia- Two time SCPGA "Teacher of the Year"

"I like it because it's so easy to carry and use and it gives me good feedback right away."

Curtis Rhoads- Harvard Golf Coach

"The Pocket Putting Mirror is the best, simplest, and least expensive way to become a great putter!"

Jim Empey-PGA   2013-2016 - "Best Teacher in the State of Idaho"- Golf Digest Magazine

"I love the little mirror of magic- it works great!"

John Spaulding- Amateur

”Awesome and efficient”

Stephen Bailey- Marquette University Golf Coach

“I use it and you should too”

Ken Tanigawa- Winner 2018 PURE Insurance Championship -PGA TOUR Champions


$12.99 Includes

Mirror, Pouch & Drill Brochure